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Top 10 Wedding Dress Undergarments

Brides are always obsessing about picking out the perfect wedding dress, but they sometimes forget that the groom is more interested in what lies beneath all that white fabric.

Brides need to spend some time considering the perfect wedding dress undergarments to get their husbands’ motors revving on the big day.

Here is a look at the top ten wedding dress undergarments brides can wear to get their marriages started on the right path.

wedding petticoat

10. Petticoat

If you are wearing a traditional wedding gown with a full skirt, then you will definitely need to add a petticoat to your wedding dress undergarments.

bride in shaping slip for wedding

9. Shaping Slip

If you like to wear slips, then you should try wearing a shaping slip as a wedding undergarment. They are cool, comfortable and incredibly sexy.

bride in strapless bra for wedding

8. Strapless Bra

Many brides like to wear wedding dresses that show off their shoulders, and the strapless bra is one of the best undergarments to wear with a strapless wedding dress.

Bride in bustier for wedding

7. Bustier

If you want to make your wedding undergarments super sexy, then you should wear a bustier. Not only is this wedding undergarment perfect for a strapless dress, but it also helps to keep your waist tucked in.

Bride in silk panties for wedding night

6. Silk Panties

If you don’t wear silk panties on your wedding day, when are you going to wear them? They are not only incredibly comfortable, but they are also sure to get the groom all fired up on your wedding night.

bride in seamless lingerie

5. Seamless Lingerie

If you want to wear lingerie underneath your wedding dress, then make sure to go with seamless lingerie for the ultimate in comfort and a clean look.

wedding pantyhose

4. Pantyhose

Lots of brides go for the pantyhose on their wedding days. If you go this route, get a pair of embellished tights that come with lace and jeweled appliques to make you feel like a true princess.

silk wedding robe

3. Silk Robe

You will need to wear something while you are getting primped for your wedding, and wearing a silk robe is the perfect item to give you that luxurious wedding feeling.

bridal stockings

2. Stockings

Most women go with tights instead of stockings in their daily lives, but your wedding day is the perfect time to wear some sexy stockings.

bridal garter for wedding

1. Garter

There is no sexier or more crucial wedding undergarment than the garter. Make sure to get one with plenty of elastic so that they groom can really snap it out into the crowd.

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