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Top 10 Unique Decorations for Your Christmas Wedding

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A Christmas wedding can be a beautiful event in its own right. However, you can enhance your own wedding by utilizing some very unique decorations.

Snow Trees

Make snow trees by mounting a branch to a small piece of plywood using a single wood screw. After, just spray-paint the whole thing white and decorate it with red ribbons.

Christmas Jars

Construct some table centerpieces by filling large jars with pine cones, holly and evergreen branches. To enhance the effect, set the jars on mirrors to create an ice effect.

Christmas Pine Cones

A very simple yet unique Christmas wedding decoration is to spray paint pine cones white and use them as table decorations. You can also place these around the base of the Christmas jars for an added effect.

Floating Christmas Candles

If you fill a clear bowl halfway with water and place it on a mirror, then you have the foundation for a floating Christmas candles wedding decoration. To finish the decoration, all you need to do is add green and red tea candles to float on top of the water. If you use scented candles, then that can have a pleasant effect as well.

Snow-Covered Branches

You can make snow covered branches to decorate your head table, or to put on the arched entrance to the reception hall. All you need to do is spray paint evergreen branches white and, while the paint is still wet, throw white or silver glitter on the branches. When they dry, they will look like glistening, snow-covered branches.

Candy Cane Hearts

If you put two candy canes together, then they look like a heart. Use some strong glue to make a series of candy cane hearts and use them to place on tables or hang around the reception hall.

Table Christmas Trees

You can make table Christmas trees by sticking real evergreen branches in a green Styrofoam pyramid. These will look wonderful on any table in the reception hall.

Snow Globes

You can make your own Christmas wedding snow globes by placing fake snow and white lights in the base of a glass jar. From there, you can put evergreen branches, pine cones or even small Christmas figurines in the jar to create a snow globe landscape.

Christmas Music Place Mats

For something very unique, try using Christmas sheet music as your reception table place mats.

Christmas Stocking Flatware

To greet your guests at your Christmas wedding reception, consider putting their flatware in small Christmas stockings for something different. If you have the time, you can use glue and glitter to put the initials of the bride and groom on each stocking as well.

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