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Amazing Hispanic Wedding Traditions

by Lauren Jacobson

Miami is the international home of Hispanic weddings. That’s because of the beautiful melting pot of Latin cultures that make their homes and vacation homes here in the Magic City.

From Cubans and Colombians to Peruvians, Guatemalans, Dominicans, Caribbean islanders, Central, and South Americans, there are a massive variety of wedding traditions that go along with all of these these cultures.

It is a beautiful tapestry woven right here in Miami, so here are the top 10 Hispanic wedding traditions.

10. Bachelor Shoes
At Colombian weddings, single men hide their shoes underneath the bride’s gown. The groom then reaches under her dress and selects a shoe, the owner of which is believed to be the next man to marry.

9. Serenade
The night before his wedding, a traditional Costa Rican groom will serenade his fiancée to show his affection for her.

8. Wedding Bell
In Guatemala, the wedding reception is hosted by the groom’s family. A white bell is filled with rice, flour and other grains symbolizing prosperity before the new couple arrives. When they do, the groom’s mother welcomes them by breaking the bell.

7. Cake, To Go
Usually a fruit and nut cake soaked in rum, the wedding cake appears in many of the formal photographs taken at Hispanic weddings. Important though the cake is, it is not eaten at receptions in the Dominican Republic. Instead, guests are given slices of cake in containers to eat at home.

6. With This Ring…
Engaged couples in Chile wear wedding rings on their right hands until the wedding ceremony, during which the rings are moved to the left hand.

5. The Bride Wore Black
In Spain, it is brides who wear white who break tradition. Spanish brides frequently wear black wedding gowns to symbolize that only death can part them and their new husbands.

4. Money Dance
Cuban brides offset honeymoon costs with a money dance. Any man can dance with the bride during the money dance, but only after he pins a monetary gift to her dress.

3. Las Arras
Widely popular in Hispanic cultures are Las Arras. In this custom, 13 gold coins (arras) are blessed by the priest and given to the bride by the groom during the wedding ceremony. The coins represent his commitment to supporting her while the number 13 symbolizes Jesus and the 12 apostles.

2. Lasso
In Hispanic ceremonies, the spiritual bond of the couple is celebrated by joining them together physically. Guatemalan couples are often encircled with silver rope while Mexican couples use a long rosary. White satin cord is also used.

1. Disappearing Act
In Venezuela, the bride and groom quietly sneak away from their wedding reception as it nears its end. It is considered good luck for the couple to slip away without getting caught and good luck for the first guest who notices they are missing.


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