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Ten Reasons You Should Go to Your High School Reunion

Nothing inspires both fear and anticipation quite like a high school reunion does. It is a major milestone in everyone’s life and a good opportunity to take stock of how one has changed in the past decade. Here are ten reasons to consider attending the reunion.

1) Reconnecting with old friends.

Most people are guilty of losing touch with classmates as years go by. A reunion offers a chance to recommit to talking more often.

2) Forging new friendships with old enemies.

Classmates who did not get along as teenagers often find that they are more forgiving as adults. There is no need to hold onto old grudges that can easily be set aside.

3) Proudly demonstrating personal growth.

An individual who has overcome adversity has every right to be happy with how far he has come. His classmates will be glad to see this progress as well.

4) Meeting classmates’ spouses.

Many classmates will have gotten married in the years between graduation and the reunion. Their spouses are potential new friends.

5) Showing off in front of exes.

There is no shame in letting an ex see what he or she let go ten years ago.

6) Enjoying a night out in a nice venue.

Even good friends have trouble organizing get-togethers as they get older. Reunions provide the perfect opportunities to get dressed up and socialize.

7) Visiting one’s hometown.

People who have moved away for college, jobs, relationships or just to suit a taste for adventure will enjoy going back home for a little bit to see friends and family members who still live there.

8) Reliving the glory days.

Though not everyone remembers high school fondly, there is a particular kind of nostalgia that strikes when one remembers being young. Reunions allow people to recapture that feeling.

9) Sharing old inside jokes and inventing new ones.

It is amazing how quickly people fall back into old patterns after not seeing each other for ten whole years. It feels like no time at all has passed, while also feeling like centuries’ worth of life experiences have accumulated.

10) The pictures.

One of the biggest reasons many people attend their reunions is to see how their classmates look now. Some people will have improved with age, and others will be rough around the edges. The group photos taken at the end of the night will be both hilarious and poignant.

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