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Ten Craziest Celebrity Weddings Of All Time: Diamonds, Elephants, Castles, and Armani

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Celebrities are known for over-the-top weight loss schemes, romantic escapades, and bizarre baby names, but the weddings of the rich and famous can be just as outrageous.

Whether they’re spending millions of dollars or getting married at an amusement park, the following nuptials are the top ten craziest celebrity weddings of all time.

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10. Nicole Richie & Joel Madden
The wedding had many famous guests in attendance, but none quite as interesting as the elephant that witnessed the couple tying the knot.

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9. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise
As far as extravagance, it would be hard to beat the Holmes-Cruise nuptials. They wore Armani, wed in a castle, and exchanged Cartier diamonds.

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8. Victoria & David Beckham
Married on July 4, 1999 in a castle, the Beckham’s decided to sit on golden thrones at the reception. They celebrated their July 4th wedding with fireworks, even though they were in Dublin, Ireland.

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7. Paul McCartney & Heather Mills
This wedding reportedly cost $3 million and included yet another castle, fireworks, and a vegetarian feast. Paul should have taken his own advice and realized that money couldn’t buy him love.

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6. Mariah Carey & Tommy Mottola
Not only was the wedding outrageously expensive, but there were 50 flower girls at the event.

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5. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries
The wedding supposedly cost $10 million, but the couple spent very little since most suppliers provided items for free. However, 72 days later the $10 million was gone and so was the marriage.

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4. Anna Nicole Smith & J. Howard Marshall
The 26 year-old bride wore cleavage while the 89 year-old millionaire sported a wheelchair when Anna Nicole married J. Howard in June, 1994.

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3. Pam Anderson & Kid Rock
Married on a yacht in 2006, the groom wore a white T-shirt and a Detroit Tigers baseball cap. They were divorced four months later.

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2. Liza Minelli & David Gest
Costing 3.5 million, Minnelli and Gest married in March, 2002. With a thousand on the guest list, many of whom were old time Hollywood royalty, the affair became known as the night of a thousand facelifts.

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1. Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky
On October 6, 1991, Michael Jackson served as father of the bride, walking the eight-time wedded Taylor down the aisle at his Neverland Ranch.

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