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Beautiful Baptism Traditions for Miami Banquet Halls

by Lauren Jacobson

The baptism is one of the most significant rituals in the life of a Christian or Catholic believer.

It’s a tradition that brings people together for the force of good. So with that in mind, here are the top ten beautiful baptism traditions that are practiced at Miami banquet halls all year round.

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10. Art To Last A Lifetime
To memorialize the occasion, the family will hire a professional photographer to take pictures for a baptism album. As the years go by, the family can always open the album to remember a special day in their child’s life.


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9. The Prayer Card
Those being baptized receive religious prayers such as the Lord’s Prayer or Apostle’s Creed on a laminated card. Relatives hand these out so the child being baptized will always have a prayer to read.


8. Su Biblio
For a baptism, some relatives will give the child a Spanish bible. They will write a little note in the front expressing their love and dedication to the child.

7. La Plata
Other relatives will shower the child being baptized with religious jewelry gifts like crosses, rosaries, and medallions of patron saints. The jewelry become family heirlooms that are passed down generation after generation.


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6. Beautiful White Clothing
Parents will dress the baby in a white baptism garment. Girls will wear a long white dress and boys a white suit. The garment symbolizes the purity of the person being baptized. In some cases, the agrments are family herilooms used by several generations.


5. The Anointing
To seal the gift of the Holy Spirit, the child being baptized is anointed with oil and water.


Popular items for gifts for godparents on Etsy
4. Choosing The Godparents
The Godparents play more than a ceremonial role. They are expected to share the parenting role with the natural parents. They teach the child the importance of having good morals and values.


A Sailor shares candy with a young girl during a community service ...
3. Giving Back
To celebrate the baptism, the godfather gives a gift of money to the community. It is a sign of the godchild’s prosperity to come.


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2. The Party!
The family will throw a party after the ceremony with cake, bocaditos, and drinks. People dance and celebrate the joyous ocassion.


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1. Treats For The Kids
The kids get to break open a pinata full of candy.


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