Sofia’s Blue Wonderland Quince

Looking for quinceanera venues in Miami? We’re reminiscing on this magical evening spent celebrating Sofia’s quinceanera. The room glittered in blue to create an indigo wonderland fit for a queen.

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Sofia shared a special father-daughter dance as her family welcomed her into adulthood.

The decor emanated perfection from the crystal blue vases to the neatly placed silk napkins and silverware. Elegant touches of blue transformed the space into an indigo paradise. Touches of platinum with chivalry chairs blue uplights added to the wonderland theme along with the blue orchids on the centerpieces.

What’s for dessert? Guests fulfilled their cravings and indulged their sweet tooth with our elegant Viennese station. Blue orchids crawled up the cake for an elegant touch.

Sofia enjoyed her beautiful reception with her parents. Friends and family gathered to celebrate her quince with a fun active photo-booth.

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