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Rosielen & Marco Gazebo Ceremony

  Posted on June 17, 2015

There are so many good things to say about Grand Salon Gazebo Ceremony that I have not enough words.

I planned my wedding for a whole year and Loraine and the girls were with me all the time. My wedding day couldn’t have been better, it was everything I dreamed about from the up lights to the draping, the food, the music, the gazebo and especially the services my guests and we as a couple received.

Their prices are as good as their service. Batista and Rene were really nice, the Dj is awesome, the securities made sure i was okay before walking to the aisle and they even gave me a glass of water so I could relax, Frank, my master of ceremony, is the best addition a wedding can have, he made everything so much easier, so professional and caring at the same time.

I definitely recommend him too. My flowers were as I dreamed them. I just have not enough space to write how grateful I am for making my big day as special as it was.

Thank you

Gazebo Ceremony & Wedding Reception
April 11, 2015
Grand Salon Ballroom
at Killian Palms Country Club