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Ricardo & Desiree

Dear Lorraine,
We really had a wonderful experience on our wedding night. We have to thank everyone at the grand salon ballroom starting with you and Elizabeth for the excellent service preparing our wedding reception. You were patient and kind all throughout the preparations and answer all of our questions. Definitely, very helpful.
We used Mr. Bee for the cake and Glamour Floral Creations (Mavy) for the flowers. We were more than satisfied with both. The cake was delicious and the flower arrangements gave the ballroom such a lively look. They both look spectacular.
The food service was awesome. Everyone had to mention how delicious the food tasted. It was light and filling at the same time. The waiters headed by Mr. Batista were exceptional. Everyone mentioned as well that they felt comfortable and well served by these wonderful people you have on your staff. Everything worked so perfectly; and definitely your establishment as our reception place was the right choice for us.
The open bar station was also a nice touch.
And the music, it was just great. Eliacer the DJ was well prepared and the music was flowing all throughout the evening. He really was instrumental in making our wedding night such a happy occasion and kept everyone – including us – dancing at all times.
I am sure we will be coming over to Killian Palms Country Club for future family events. We already heard that comment amongst our guests.
We are planning on dropping by sometime next week to give you our thanks in person.

God bless you ALL for your excellence service.
Sincerely, Ricardo & Desiree

Wedding Reception
May 24, 2013
Grand Salon Ballroom

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