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We’ve all been to the last-minute just-because house party where “BYOB” is a substitute for “I didn’t plan enough for everybody so bring your own.”

Or the impromptu celebration at your local sports bar, complete with servers screaming Happy Birthday as they shove a scoop of ice cream in front of you.

Or the ill-inspired work Christmas party being held at the office with leftovers from the lunchroom and shifty eyes as everybody wonders how quickly they can leave without seeming rude.

All these situations have their merits -- ice cream is awesome, and work gossip gets especially juicy when everybody’s casual. Not to mention guests at the aforementioned gatherings usually all know each other, and friends hanging out with friends is always a recipe for a great time.

But what happens when your party guests don’t know each other?

What happens when there are more than just a houseful of people to plan for?

What if you, the party planner, promised your guests an event to remember?

Don’t panic. Our professional celebration experts at Grand Salon can arrange a party hall for you and also help you put together an event that will make you proud, on most any budget.

With an in-house chef, caterers, photographers, DJ’s and a 5,300 square foot party hall capable of comfortably seating 200 guests with plenty of space for dancing and mingling, Grand Salon can turn your event into something that every one of your guests will talk about for years to come.

So quit trying to figure out who has the best backyard for setting up tables, and give Grand Salon a call today. You’ll be glad you did!

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