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Outdoor Wedding Hacks

There’s something about outdoor weddings that encapsulates the maiden voyage of a marriage. Maybe it’s the way the breeze graces the bride’s veil or the romantic shadows the sunset creates over the guests; whatever that magic maybe- it’s happening at Grand Salon Reception Hall.

Grand Salon’s Gazebo is set to host fabulous outdoor terrace weddings that can accommodate up to 200 people. As your event curators we’ve picked up a few outdoor wedding hacks that will make your guests’ experience smooth and effortless.

Rubber Heel Covers

Walking through the grass is easy. Walking through the grass with heels on is a different story. Provide guests with rubber heel covers to save them from a dirty fall! Available at Nordstroms

Flip Flops

People’s feet take a beating from the ceremony, to the reception, to the dance floor. Give your guests the gift of comfort in the form of flip flops. We suggest placing them near the dance floor and having the DJ remind patrons that flip flops are available.

Outdoor Wedding Hacks


Planning on having your wedding during the day? Give your guests sunglasses; it’s a souvenir and a UV protection all in one!

Outdoor Wedding Hacks


Nothing quenches thirst better than a glass of cold sweet tea. Place round metal top sweet tea beverage servers at the entrance of your ceremony and reception to keep your guests hydrated and happy!

Grand Salon Reception Hall Drinks | Outdoor Wedding Hacks

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