Eliecer & Jessica Gazebo Ceremony & Wedding Reception

Jessica and Eliecer always wanted to have a nighttime Wedding Ceremony. Killian Pams Country Club was the perfect venue to fulfill this dream. They were very fortunate to have their close friends and family be a part of this special day. The Wedding Ceremony was very romantic, as the groom surprised the bride with fireworks that lighted the night as they were declared husband and wife.

The Wedding Ceremony was followed by an elegant reception in Ciudamar, at Killian Palms Country Club. The decor, though traditional, was breathtaking. The up lights and candles gave a classy and warm yet sophisticated feel to the room.


The newlyweds embraced with lots of love on their first dance . Later, the dance ¬†with their parents showed Jessica and Eliecer’s gratitude and happiness on the most important day of their life.


The night was filled with dance and laughter, and the couple enjoyed every minute of their event.

DSC_0956DSC_0960Ciudamar at Killian Plams Country Club. Gazebo Ceremony, Wedding Reception (23)DSC_0964Ciudamar at Killian Plams Country Club. Gazebo Ceremony, Wedding Reception (24)

The guests, later, had a wonderful time as La Hora Loca took everybody to the dance floor.

Congratulations Jessica and Eliecer !



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