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Creating a Winter Wonderland in What Will Most Likely be 70 Degree Weather


Winter Wedding 20120203 001 | Creating A Winter Wonderland In What Will Most Likely Be 70 Degree Weather

You’re finally engaged, and you and your beau have decided on a white, romantic winter wedding. You imagine gorgeous, shining centerpieces and snow falling softly to the ground. Every idea you think of is perfect until you realize–you live in the South, where there is little to no seasonal change. Whether your climate isn’t working out for you or the radar calls for sunny with no chance of snow, there are many ways you can still give your wedding a winter wonderland feel.

So, how exactly do you create the illusion of snow, and add it to your wedding tastefully?

Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve this effect if you use a little creativity! Carefully pulling and shaping cotton balls around a table centerpiece or stairway railing will definitely give a chilly feeling to the room. Small shaved pieces of white wax also create a snowy look, but this tends to be very messy. If you do not mind the price, you can create real snow by using a snow machine, but try to disguise its appearance in the decor.

Color scheme is everything if you want to achieve a true winter atmosphere. Using too much white will make a room bland, but it is a good base color. Some cool colors to include are blue and purple. The tones also make a huge difference. If you want to give your wedding a pop, use rich and saturated tones. For a subtle, sweet wedding, pale blues and lavender schemes are the way to go. Try to avoid reds, yellows, and oranges in your decor.

No winter wonderland is complete without the proper food. Hot chocolate and cider is a must for your beverage selection. Ironically, having a warm food selection will complement the frozen atmosphere. Roasted turkey and a pumpkin pie will bring the comfort of a cold winter day. Although, adding a couple frosty appetizers like ice cream or sherbert would definitely give a little chill to your party guests.

Creating a cold wedding in warm weather is not hard with a little imagination. Adding nature into your decor, such as pine cones and pine trees will give the illusion of being in a gorgeous winter forest. Picking the perfect sparkling dress is important as well. The right color patterns, food choices, and decor will certainly give you a beautiful, brisk winter wonderland wedding.

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