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Classi Mcdonald

Good afternoon Lorraine,

Let me start by saying that I am BEYOND thankful and appreciative for ALL of the ways you and the Grand Salon staff extended yourselves to both my husband and I. From the very first moment that we stepped into your beautiful facility to begin the preparations for my sisters wedding that took place on July 27th I felt welcomed and at home. Both you and Katherine answered each one of my MILLION questions and made at times a stressful process more equivalent to a cake walk.

On 9/28/13 it was my turn to say “I Do” I arrived at Grand Salon in tears that my outdoor ceremony had become an indoor ceremony in the blink of an eye due to the rain, Lorraine and Katherine instantly calmed me down and reminded me of all of the other reasons that the day was a success. I chose Grand Salon for a reason, it was not just the beauty of the decor or the great reviews (and there are MANY), its not even the fact that the packages work with any budget or that the food is delicious. The truth is, money can buy most things in life, the nicest venues, the best food and the most beautiful decor……. But it can’t buy character, integrity, genuity, warmth and peace of mind. Each person I encountered from the security personnel to the waiters were without a doubt some of the most kind and gentle people that I have ever met. I am almost sad that all of the planning is over and the date has passed as I got used to all of the warm welcomes and kind gestures that I received from my Grand Salon family.

The ballroom was absolutely BEAUTIFUL for our reception and I was left utterly speechless at the sheer sight of it all. Lorraine went above and beyond to ensure that my day was EVERYTHING that I had hoped and dreamed for.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude and thanks, I encourage every bride to go and have a chat with the AMAZING event planners at Grand Salon, I guarantee you wont regret it.

Thank you for taking my vision and creating a dream come true!

Classi Mcdonald
September 28, 2013
Wedding Reception
Grand Salon Ballroom
at Killian Palms Country Club

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