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Ciudamar Room Baby Shower

Fabiola & Alan's Baby Shower

Fabiola E. Barinas-Baez & Alan Rodriguez started their venture as husband & wife in 2013 at Grand Salon Ballroom at Killian Palms Country Club. They are now embarking a new chapter in their life…Parenting. They are expecting Alessandro Eduardo and the parents to be have chosen Ciudamar at Killian Palms Country Club for the celebration […]
  Posted in Baby Showers on 26 May 2015, 20:48 PM.

Meliza & Joey's Baby Shower

Good evening guysI just wanted to thank you all for everything. The food was great and the staff was great too during my baby shower. Everyone had a really good time. I would love to see the pics you guys took 🙂Thank you guys for everything,   Meliza & Joe’s Baby Shower  Ciudamar at Killian […]
  Posted in Ciudamar Room Baby Shower on 14 November 2014, 17:30 PM.