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12 Elements for an Unforgettable Wedding

1-    Choose an incredible venue Select a venue where you can ideally have both the ceremony and reception. This will allow you and your guests to enjoy the location more and have minimal travel. 2-    Make a statement down the aisle To ensure your ceremony is grand, set the tone with some amazing music, […]
  Posted in Blogs on 19 January 2018, 17:30 PM.

DIY: Making Centerpieces using Common Household Items

Are you hosting a wedding, quince, baby shower or another special event? Events can be costly, which is why DIY centerpieces and other decorations are the next best option instead of purchasing your decorations! Save money with these simple yet sweet centerpieces. Homemade decor is in style, so we’ve chosen our favorite DIY centerpieces below […]
  Posted in Blogs on 25 August 2017, 14:09 PM.

The Latest and Greatest Trends in Quinceanera Fashion

All fashion trends change over time, and quinceanera fashion is no different. Although traditions for this event tend to stay the same over the years, the fashion aspect changes often. Are you planning your quince soon, and need some fashion inspiration? Read on to find out more about the latest trends in Quince dresses, jewelry […]
  Posted in Blogs on 09 August 2017, 17:41 PM.

How to Plan a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding in Miami

Looking to have an outdoor wedding? Look no further than Miami! Warm sun, a wonderful vacation destination for visiting friends and family, and beautiful scenery make Miami one of the best wedding locations in America. Once you decide to have an outdoor wedding, there are still many steps to go before your big day is […]
  Posted in Blogs on 18 July 2017, 16:42 PM.

Hiring the Perfect Photographer for your Special Event

You’ve planned the perfect event and are ready to celebrate on this special day. Now, you need to find the perfect photographer or videographer to capture the priceless moments from this day, so you can relive them over and over long after your event has ended. Photos, Videos or Both? The first step in hiring […]
  Posted in Blogs on 09 June 2017, 13:29 PM.

Sweet 16 Planning Guide

Sweet 16 Planning Guide Turning 16 is a memorable moment and for some, is anticipated much like that of a wedding.   It’s the birthday that marks the beginning of early adulthood and throwing a legendary party is the perfect way to mark this next stage of maturity.   Follow this guide for a smooth […]
  Posted in Blogs on 17 April 2017, 15:54 PM.

5 Ways to Plan a Wicked Halloween-Themed Wedding

Halloween is fast approaching – it’s a time when kids are thinking of candy, teens are thinking of costumes, and couples are thinking of… weddings? Maybe not that many couples seek the spookiest of ceremonies, but those who do have the unique opportunity to add all sorts of creative touches to a typically traditional event. Here are five […]
  Posted in Blogs on 26 October 2016, 20:13 PM.

Are You Looking to Plan a Cost-Effective Wedding in Miami?

Miami is not a cheap place to throw a wedding. For starters, it doesn’t help that wedding vendors (including venues) in general, and not just in South Florida, can have a reputation for trying to run an engaged couple’s bank account dry. Furthermore, for couples looking specifically to get married in South Florida, it seems […]
  Posted in Blogs on 18 August 2016, 14:39 PM.

Where Are The Best Wedding Cakes Miami Has To Offer?

Cutting the cake at your wedding is a timeless tradition. This moment in time should be a cherished memory from one of the most special days of your entire life. Think about it, your wedding cake will serve as one of the centerpieces of your reception, and will also be the subject of countless photographs. […]
  Posted in Blogs on 20 July 2016, 14:45 PM.

Why Do People Celebrate Quinceañeras?

The quinceañera celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime event for young Hispanic girls that symbolizes their transition from childhood to becoming an adult. For cultures that celebrate quinceañeras, a girl’s 15th birthday marks one of the most lavish celebration of their lives – right alongside with their wedding. According to Encyclopædia Britannica, “The quinceañera is both a […]
  Posted in Blogs on 14 June 2016, 19:20 PM.