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5 Items That Will Make Your Guest Welcome Bags a Hit

Wedding Favor Bag | 5 Items That Will Make Your Guest Welcome Bags A Hit | Wedding Venues

Welcome bags can be one of the main things that help your guest remember your event fondly and there are a few different ways you can make them truly memorable. Having a few key items that keep them thinking is the best way to help your guests use their welcome bags to help remember your wedding event. Here are five fun items that can make any gift bag a hit.


    • Fun Treats- the first is of course something like a fun candy or a unique treat that your guests may not be able to get at home. This could be a local confection, something that ties into the theme or your event, or just some fun gadget that is going to make your event fun.


    • Game or Toy- who says that kids have to be the only ones that have fun? A small toy or game can help them pass the time when the party lulls and can give them something to play with when they get home.


    • Photos- another great gift that can make a welcome bag very memorable is a photo of your event, of the guest, of anyone else that was there. This is fun and can even be something silly that you include your guests in. A photo booth is a great option and can be added to their gift bag.


    • Tickets/Coupons- for those that are from out of town or for those that may be in town for a while for one event, you can try adding coupons or tickets to local events and stores to help them pass the time without spending all their money. This is a fun and easy way and you can even ask some stores that may want to donate items.


    • Jewelry or Something They Can Wear- the last thing you may want to include is something small that they can wear. A button, a charm, a necklace, a pin, these are all small, relatively inexpensive, and can be tailored to the individual event making them a fun little gift to include in any gift bag.



All of these gifts are easy to get, relatively inexpensive, and fun for both you and your guests. It does not have to be boring or unfun making gift bags and with some unique items anyone can create a gift bag that is unique and memorable for each and every guest.


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