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5 Best Ways to Cut Costs on Your Big Day

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Weddings can be expensive. After all, the average American couple spends between $18,900 and $31,500 on their special day. If this seems like more than you are able to afford at this time, don’t worry. Many people manage to spend less than $10,000 on their weddings, and they do this by following the five best ways to cut costs on your big day.

1. Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Contrary to popular belief, wedding coordinators save couples a lot of money. These resourceful people receive discounts from vendors, such as florists and caterers, and they pass these savings onto their clients. They will charge a fee, but they can be highly flexible. For example, some wedding planners offer their services for an hourly rate, but if you would rather purchase a package for a flat fee, your wedding planner can put one together that will fit within your budget.

2. Take Courses

Brides-to-be who take courses in wedding planning can coordinate their weddings themselves. These courses offer invaluable information, and you can even take some of them online for only $800.

Another great idea is to offer to pay for hair-styling and make-up courses for a member of your bridal party. Then, she will be able to do everyone’s hair and make-up without any further cost to you.

3. Plan to Cut the Cake Early

Photographers and videographers will want to be paid for their time, so you can save money by insuring that these professionals do not stay at the party all night. To do this, plan to cut your cake early. Afterwards, your photographers or videographers will believe that their jobs are finished.

4. Use Your Credit Card

Vendors ask for a deposit in many cases before the wedding day, but anything can go wrong between the day that you make the first payment and the day that the final balance is due. Protect yourself from mishaps by using your credit card. If, for example, your photographer cannot complete the job, he or she will refund your money. This will not necessarily happen with a cash deposit.

5. Use Your Computer to Make Your Invitations

Your computer is a valuable tool because you can create and print your own wedding invitations. You can be as fancy as you like, and your guests will never know that you didn’t pay the highest price for custom-made invitations. Invitation software makes this easy for you, and you will have your choice of several different graphics and fonts.

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