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15 Ways You Know You’re At A Miami-Cuban Wedding

by Lauren Jacobson

The Miami-Cuban wedding is a time honored tradition full of the most important things in life: family, food, friends, love, and laughter. Yes, those are factors in any wedding, so here are the fifteen signs that you are at a Cuban wedding in Miami.

Cuban food bocaditos, pastelitos, and croquetas

15. There are more platters of Croquetas, Bocaditos, and Pastelitos than you can count.

Cuban Coffee Miami Wedding

14. There is a whole team devoted only to making Coladas, Cortaditos, y Cafe Con leches.

lechon en caja china

13. There is a Caja China out back cooking a delicious smelling whole pig drenched in Mojo.

young woman wedding day

12. The bride’s name is Maria, her mother’s name is Maria, and the maid of honor is named Maria.

Bacardi at the party

11. The wedding is sponsored by Bacardi, and there are 3 actual Bacardi family members present.

Cuban wedding dancers

10. The dance contest lasts for three days because evrybody dances so well.

Guarapo sugar cane juice

9. Somebody offers you a Guarapo, and then disappears into the crowd.

this is a fun wedding in miami

8. It is so loud that all of the family back in Cuba can actually hear the party happening.

Miami Cuban band jamming

7. The live band are better than the Buena Vista Social Club, but everybody knows them as friends from the neighborhood.

woman in her wedding dress

6. The bride’s dress is so puffy, grand, and white, that even the clouds in the sky get jealous.

a dance off in a circle at a wedding

5. The bride and grooms families together consist of 500 guests each.

old Cuban man smoking a cigar

4. The groom’s Abuelo keeps saying how much better the wedding would have been back in Cuba.

woman laughing

3. Somebody tells a Pepito joke that everybody has heard a million times before, but everybody still laughs.

tying the knot

2. The wedding altar is not the only altar in the room.

the mc keeps the party live

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